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Lifestyle Bed - Pre-Install Checklist

Click here to download this guide as a pdf.

List below is a collection of key items to check prior to installing our Lifestyle Bed range:

Queen Size with Desk & ShelfQueen Size with Desk & Shelf
Lifestyle Bed – Queen Size with Desk & Shelf



A. Access to Property, Dwelling & Designated Room Largest Carton is the Queen Size, One Piece Steel Bedframe. Please check access to the Property, the Dwelling and the Designated Room (including gates, car parks, lifts, stairways, hallways, doorways, etc.) to ensure clearance to accommodate carton size 2,150mm x 1,650mm x 120mm.



A. Ceiling Mounted Fans, Light Fixtures, Extrusions, etc. If anything is hanging from the ceiling, please check the height against dimensions and bed arc on the bed specifications below for clearance.

B. Air Conditioning Vent No problem, as long as the ceiling height is sufficient.

C. Flush Ceiling Mounted Down Lights, Speakers, Skylights, Etc. No problem.



A. Step(s) or Change of Floor Gradient

These beds require a solid flat floor space with bed down - as per below specification size and as such they cannot be installed over steps. Any small variations in floor gradient are fine but a large slope either ascending or descending are not compatible with these products.

B. Floor Vents

Check below specifications but these beds could be placed over floor vents, providing this doesn’t impact operation of your A/C unit – check with your A/C manufacturer and installer.

C. Change of floor covering

No problem, as long as there is a solid, flat floor space for the bed when down.

D. Power Point Any

electrical output on the floor space, when the bed is down, should be relocated prior to installation



A. Power Point or TV Aerial Output

No problem. Access can be made via a cut-out in the back panel (ask us for a quote) or you can arrange an electrician to move the output prior to installation.

B. Air Conditioning Vent

Please check the below specifications of the bed to ensure the vent is not blocked. If blocked, you will need have vent moved prior to installation.

C. Air Conditioning Unit

Please check the below specifications of the bed to ensure the unit can remain in the same position. If not, unit will need to be moved prior to installation.

D. Wall Mounted Extrusions, Shelves, Lights, TV Brackets, Etc.

The Beds need to affix to a flat wall, therefore any protruding elements will need to be removed prior to install. Any immovable extrusions may inhibit install. Please check below bed specifications.

E. Light Switch

If light switches are positioned where the bed is going, they will need to be relocated prior to installation.

F. Window & Architraves

These beds must be affixed to flat wall and as such cannot be placed over a window or window/wall architraves

G. Skirting Boards

No problem. Our beds come with a skirting board recess 80mm (H) x 20mm (D). If your skirting is higher or wider let us know and we can modify to suit.

H. Security Sensors

Please check below bed specifications below to ensure they do not impede any monitors

I. Entrance, Doorway Opening & Door Clearance

These beds must be affixed to flat wall and as such cannot be placed impeding a doorway or entrance. Also, please take into account clearance of the door when opened