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Lifestyle Bed - Cabinetry Information

Lifestyle Beds Cabinetry Information

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During product development of our Lifestyle Bed Range, we evaluated all available cabinetry options within the marketplace. These included, particle MDF, Plywood and Particleboard. We found Plywood to be the best solution for our clients needs.

MDF Particleboard Plywood

Our beds are all manufactured from Plywood for strength, durability and moisture resistance

* All of our plywood in melamine faced giving our Lifestyle Bed cabinetry a stylish finish
* All of our cabinetry is ethically sourced and complies with the Australian Illegal Logging Prohibition Act

Our due diligence has showed sagging of Particleboard & MDF, particularly over the longer spans of the frame, shelves and desks. We chose the more expensive Plywood option as it is the stronger and far more durable as well as being more resistant to moisture than Particleboard or MDF.