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What is your warranty period?

24 months from install date

What product quality control measures are in place?

We pride ourselves on only carrying quality products and run through a rigorous selection process - in choosing our manufacturer partners. We have developed our own Testing & Quality Control standards that are tested, documented and certified by our 3rd Party QC Specialists against all orders prior to order shipment. Additionally, we carry a range of mechanical support parts if required.

Can I assemble & install the lifestyle bed myself?

YES, while we recommend you use our SSL Contractor - you can assemble & install our Lifestyle Beds yourself. Detailed instructions are provided with additional links to video.

PLEASE NOTE: If Beds are not professionally assembled and installed by an approved SSL Contractor then all warranties are void.

If I buy multiple products, is there a discount?

YES, we offer volume & bundle discounts. Some of our bundle discounts are advertised but as a general rule, if you are ordering multiple products talk to us about possible product, delivery or installation discounts.

How long will it take once I have place an order?

Once you have placed your order you will receive an order confirmation via email, including an estimated delivery time. If you are booking in delivery/assembly & installation of a Lifestyle Bed you will receive confirmation of your installation date with 2 business days from order date. Any updates or changes regarding your delivery will be communicated through email.

Are the beds comfortable?

YES, unlike a fold out sofa bed or futon, you are sleeping on a one piece solid bed frame with sprung slats and quality mattress.

Do the beds need to be fixed to a wall?

YES, all of our vertical Lifestyle Beds must be fixed/anchored to a wall. Instructions and hardware are provided.

Can the beds fall down or fly back up?

NO, our lifestyle beds feature 4 x weighted gas struts which prevent the bed from falling quickly and assist when lifting the bed up

If I move, can I take our Bed with us?

YES, but many people find leaving the lifestyle bed and offering a multiuse room, helps add value when selling. Our Lifestyle Beds can be disassembled, moved and reassembled at your new location (contact us for a quote). PLEASE NOTE: If Beds are not professionally disassembled and reassembled by an approved SSL Contractor - then all warranties are void.

Do the beds come with a mattress?

YES, our standard pricing includes a quality pocket spring mattress. The gas struts have been weighted to match our bed frame and mattress weight.

Can I use my own mattress?

NO, as the Gas Struts have been weighted to suit the specifications (weight and size) of the quality pocket spring mattress provided, our price includes specified mattress

Can I leave the Sheets and Doona Cover on the Lifestyle Bed?

YES, The Beds come with a strap to secure your mattress which sits under your Sheets at the foot of the bed. Providing your Doona Cover is a standard size and is tucked into the bed frame, Sheets & Doona Cover can remain in place when Bed is Down or Up. You will need to remove all pillows & cushions when putting the Bed Up.