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What even is a Murphy Bed? Is it different from a Wall Bed?

The simple answer is a Murphy Bed (or Wall Bed) is a regular bed which can be hidden when not in use, so a Wall Bed and a Murphy Bed are exactly the same thing. In Australia - these types of beds are commonly called Wall Beds whereas in the United States they are known as Murphy Beds - with the difference being limited to the name only.

The term Murphy Bed comes from the pioneer of Wall Beds: William Murphy, an Irish immigrant who wanted to find a creative way of adding space to his cramped New York apartment around the year 1900. At the time there were already simple folding wall bed designs on the market but Murphy introduced some new concepts including pivot and counterbalanced designs that made his designs superior and unique.

Whilst the design and operation of Wall Beds have evolved significantly over the years, the concept and purpose remain the same today. Wall Beds are an exceptional way to add functionality and space to any room.

Modern day uses for Murphy Beds

Nowadays Murphy Beds can be found in a wide range of settings as a space saving solution. Here in Australia we have helped all types of people with our clients ranging from:

  • WORKING FROM HOME – In our ever changing working climate, more and more staff are being instructed to work from home with a need to find an area to do so effectively
  • DOWNSIZERS – People transitioning to smaller dwellings with a need to maximize their living space
  • SOLE TRADERS – Professionals that need a real workspace without trading it for functionality
  • STUDENTS – School students as well as student accommodation
  • GRANDPARENTS – Using a spare bedroom only occasionally when the grandchildren stay over
  • SINGLE PARENTS – Having to juggle space requirements for the kids
  • GRANNY FLATS AND CABINS – Single space or limited space living or holiday accommodation
  • HIGH-DENSITY LIVING – Units and apartments with space restrictions
  • AIRBNB’s – Enabling the ability to rent a room or space

Our products innovate on William Murphy’s designs by including gas struts which make the process of folding up and down your wall bed a breeze, a 1 piece steel frame, spring slats, multifunction designs (including bookshelves, desks, cabinets etc) and a purpose designed mattresses.

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