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The Top 5 Benefits of a Wall Bed

Whether you are building a new home, renovating, or redesigning your home, there always comes the question about what to do with that extra bedroom. Do you make it into a study, home office, or a guest bedroom?

Why not have both? With a modern space saving wall bed, you can turn that extra bedroom into a multipurpose room, ready to transform at a moment’s notice.

To help you with your decision, we’ve put together a list of the Top 5 Benefits of a Wall Bed below.

1. Wall beds can save space in your home

In most homes, whether it be an apartment or house, floor space is at a premium. Setting up your spare room as a guest bedroom means that most of the space is consumed with a traditional bed which gets used only on the odd occasion, and not much else.

A wall bed maximises your space by allowing you to store your guest bed vertically whenever it is not in use. You can now fully utilise that spare room for other activities when you need it.

1.	Wall beds can save space in your home

2. Wall beds can create a multifunctional space

Today’s wall bed can offer so much more than just a spare bed and can come in many configurations. For some, the flat front cabinetry suits their space and objective. However, there are also multi-functional options available, that can allow you to utilise the room in other ways.

Wall Bed with Display Shelf – When closed this model features a 200mm deep shelf that becomes the leg for the bed when down. The bonus is you can leave items on the shelf when lowering, as the shelf stays horizontal.

Wall bed with Work Desk & Shelf – In addition to the shelf feature above, this option includes a 500mm deep desk. Again, you can leave your work or study gear on the desk when pulling the bed down, as it stays horizontal when the bed is in use. This model is one of the most popular, being used as a home office or study.

Wall Bed with Lounge & Shelf – This option includes a comfortable lounge in front of the Wall Bed. Simply remove the lounge cushions and pull the bed down. This model is popular in entertaining, reading and sitting rooms.  

Wall beds can create a multifunctional space
Wall beds can create a multifunctional space

3. Wall Beds are quick and easy to use

Wall Beds can be stored with all the bed linen left in place – the sheets and quilt can be tucked in and left on the bed when stowed away. Pulling the bed down for use and adding the pillows takes 30 seconds and the bed is ready to go. Same with pack up, simply remove pillows and lift to close.

Modern Wall Beds use four gas struts to assist with the opening and closing of the wall bed. These struts are weighted to make the lowering action controlled, after the initial pull to open – the bed will lower slowly by itself. The struts also make the bed very light to lift with minimal effort when closing. 


Wall Beds are quick and easy to use
Wall Beds are quick and easy to use

4. Wall beds are much more comfortable than pull-out sofas

Many stow-away beds such as pull-out sofa beds & fold-away beds are just completely uncomfortable, with no support in the mattress or framework meaning not only do you lose sleep, but you also wake up with back pain.

These days wall beds are just as comfortable as traditional beds as they are made with a solid one-piece bed frame, with sprung slats, supporting a quality pocket spring mattress. You also have different mattresses options, including memory foam toppers, which cater for a wider range of sleep comfort preferences.

Wall beds are much more comfortable than pull-out sofas

5. You can customise the wall bed to suit your space

Today’s new range of wall beds can be purchased to suit your décor and the space in your home. Customising the style, bed size, colour & layout allows you design the space to fit your needs.

Wall Bed Size – Queen & Double sized wall beds are the biggest sellers as they offer comfort and space to sleep without compromising on floor space when in use. 

Wall Bed Options – Wall beds offer a range of options to utilise the space effectively including the Wall Bed with a Shelf, the Wall Bed with a Desk and Shelf, or the Wall Bed with a Lounge and Shelf.

Wall Bed Joinery Colour – Keeping up with the latest design trends, Wall Beds can come in a range of joinery colours including traditional white, and for a more natural option, light oak. Though you are not limited to these as you can also choose your own custom colour to be applied in a polyurethane paint which is available in a matt, satin or gloss finish.

Additionally, you can include a matching bookcase or custom design your own cabinetry to go around your wall bed, maximising your space.  

You can customise the wall bed to suit your space


As you can see, there are some great benefits to installing a wall bed in your home. Don’t just take our word for it, book an appointment with the Smart Space Living team to see one in person.

No matter what your requirements, we are here to help you with your smart space living!