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"We are loving our new desk/wall bed. Particularly with working from home it has turned our third room into a multi-purpose space. We can use it as a home office 95% of the time, but quickly convert to a bedroom when people stay over without having to make any sacrifices at all"

Peta - Sydney


Lifestyle Wall Beds

At Smart Space Living we pride ourselves on quality built space saving furniture for your home.

Our first product is our Lifestyle Wall Bed that includes a desk & shelf when packed away, and is pulled down for use with ease thanks to the 4 gas struts that help guide the wall bed safely down.


Smart Space Living Products

The term Space Saving Furniture is becoming more and more popular as our living space steadily declines across the board. Governments are embracing the urban living ethos by allowing more densely populated residential buildings.

While this certainly offers the general population access to a far more diverse array of amenities and infrastructure. The sobering reality is our idea of a general living area will inevitably shrink as time goes on. As our home space shrinks, our furnishing options are slow to adapt, that is where we come in.

At Smart Space Living we have developed a range of Space Saving Furniture for Australia to answer the requirements of modern day living.

Why Buy From Us

The modern form of space saving furniture we offer has adapted to its environment. At Smart Space Living we believe that modern furnishings should be multi-purpose, stylish and almost a feature piece of the household.

Our space saving furniture is designed and intended to be user friendly. We maintain the belief that superior furnishings are strong, durable, long lasting, and sturdy enough to be used daily without being compromised. As far as saving space in your own home, the only limitations rest in your imagination, we have a wide range of possible additions for your home that are easy to adapt to.
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All of SMART SPACE LIVING'S wall beds come with the highest standard wooden slats separating them form the traditional, yet uncomfortable spring sofa beds.

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All of SMART SPACE LIVING'S beds include the highest quality struts to allow anybody to open and close the bed, quickly, easily and safely.


With SMART SPACE LIVING'S beds, you don't need to remove the items held on your desk and shelves to lower the bed, they stay safely where they are the entire time.

What They Say...

Fantastic space saver! The bed is super comfortable and it's really easy to use too. The team were very helpful and set it up super speedily! Overall I'm really happy with the Smart Space Living wall bed!

Talia - Lane Cove

An Interview with our customer Penny, on her experience with Smart Space Living